Bitcoin is Political

The Crisis in United Kingdom is a warning to all of us. We can all be subject to the whims of incompetent governments who were never given the right to control our wealth, or we can choose to fight back! Again, and again we have seen governments debauch their currencies for the benefit of a few at the expense of the many. We can choose to continue to allow these buffoons to exploit us, or we can resist.

Bitcoin is not about money, it’s about power. Through understanding the history of money and banking we know that every fiat money is subject to fail; and it is in that same vein that we can see the economic power of bitcoin. To understand that bitcoin has no loyalty to any state or corporation displays its very political nature. Instead of being controlled by politicians and bankers, bitcoin is powered by a league of cryptopunks scattered around the global. The internet itself has become an ideological apparatus with its own society, culture, and now economic tool. This is what makes bitcoin political.

Together we can reappropriate our respective economic system using bitcoin and other digital currencies. We can use bitcoin and the internet to free ourselves from the hands of the crony capitalists and political scum alike. Through a capital strike we can exit the fiat economic, and strike at the very heart of the financial tyranny that we all are forced to live under. Through advancing digital currencies and the power they hold, we will boycott fiat money, and we will forge a new political identity and way forward. In order to do this, we must build a new class consciousness around the economic liberation and international solidarity that is found within a free global internet and the economic tools to create that: Bitcoin.

The creative destruction of bitcoin will create a new world of digital institutions in the shell of the old. These new institutions, free from the hands of the state, and the corporate oligopoly structure, will create better modes of economy facilitation through superior economic model that has a lower transaction cost than that of any fiat money system. We are building a revolutionary syndicate for the free economic exchange of all people and that syndicate is known as Bitcoin!

Using the power of crypto to shield ourselves from the state, to abscond into bits and to resist where they cannot touch us, we continue to push our revolution forward. This is financial insurrection! The start of a global economic revolution!

This is the start of the struggle. Using and holding bitcoin is a form of direct economic action and a form of resistance that we must engage in if we are to build a new way forward. If we are to conquer the demons that are haunting the future–the crisis of global environmental catastrophe and cleptocapitalism that is destroying the global–we must do it as a single people united under that one cause! Bitcoin is the political tool that can allow for us to fight our respective economic struggle as one. A single people standing as a leviathan against our common enemies: Governments, Megabanks, and Transnational Corporations. It doesn’t matter if you are a Greek citizen that needs to protect what little wealth you have left from the banks, an Italian that is worried about the coming crisis, or a Chinese citizen looking for safe-harbor, bitcoin can give you hope.

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