Part II: Economics

The Magic of Money, The Science of Bitcoin

-Bitcoin is backed by energy and a fixed supply, fiat money is backed by governments, guns and fantasy. Mathmatics and science back bitcoin, mysticism and statism govern fiat money.

Antifragile Bitcoin

-How trying to destroy bitcoin makes it stronger through its antifragile properties.

The Intrinsic Value of Bitcoin

-How bitcoin creates its commodity value through energy, and exuding good traits of money. Fiat money does not have these traits. Furthermore, the state cannot steal away most bitcoin when protected adequately.

Understanding the Economic Functions of Bitcoin

-Bitcoin as the central bank of the internet, the central banks trilema, and how the increase of the number of participants in the network, along with the restricted supply has it act like a commodity, or stock.

Gresham’s Law and Bitcoin

-How money has a nominal and a commodity value. These two values change per condition and time, which is how the velocity of money changes and effect value.

The Transaction Cost of Bitcoin

-Monetary systems have cost of allowing them to fuction. When compairing bitcoin and fiat money system, bitcoin will always have a lower transaction cost, than a fiat system due to security, anti-fraud, etc.

Bitcoin and Liquidity Preference

-As a commodity money, bitcoin can be as liquid as cash, but is still a commodity. If people understood fully how bitcoin offered these protections while masquerading as a currency, it will outperform any fiat system.

Bitcoin’s Creative Destruction

-bitcoin is superior on a macro, micro, and international economic level. It is far better than a crony capitalist system, and ultimately, bitcoin is about politics because of the regulations that choked money to be a monopoly.

The Creative Destruction of Bitcoin

-How bitcoin will destroy old industries that are heavily regulated and protected, but operating outside of the state. This will be done through technological efficiency, and superior economies of efficiency. Triple ledger accounting is the next evolution of finance and economic organization.

The Revolution of Bitcoin Banking

-How through using sidechains (a bitcoin development project) one can treat bitcoin as a commodity money to enable transparent fractional reserve banking. This will making bitcoin behave like a gold during the free banking era.

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