Part I: History and Philosophy


-A preliminary introduction to the follow body of articles.

Sovereign Violence and Legitimacy of Law

-Violence creates laws, not legitimacy. Cryptography can create legitimacy through proof of security.

The Legal Politics of Money

-Money is a state based law, not an object of value. The state uses violence to enforce this, and bitcoin takes money outside of legal force.

Bitcoin as a Commodity Money

-Explaining bitcoin with ‘satoshium’ to understand the mining and energy cost of bitcoin, and how that is similar to gold

Bitcoin and The History of Money

-Money in the Post WWII era, nixon shock, how this was a response to gold’s failure as a mode of exchange due to its capacity to be subject to government capture.

The Absolute Value of  Crypto

-A brief history of crypto as a munition and weapon of war, and how communication is the greatest power in war. Through the mechanization of crypto imperious systems were created–cryptography became unbreakable. We can use this power of crypto to reassert our right to privacy, economic independence, and to political organize ourselves. This is the base power of the digital sovereign.

The Brinkmanship of Crypto

-How cryptography forces people and the state into a dangerous game of brinkmanship that will have states not just lose control of their currencies, but all modes of communication. Through digital solidarity we will find the trappings of a new digital society in which the freedoms of the past that we were promised will become a reality for the new society which we are building.

The Destituent Power of Crypto

-The new cryptosystems that empower bitcoin and other digital currencies are a new form of power that can be called a destituent form of power. It is a power that is created through the disenfranchisement of the contemporary power system and the violence it enshrines. Crypto is the base of power that will allow for the digtal commons to thrive as a truly free space outside and beyond the control of the state.

Bitcoin and The Internet as Ideological Apparatuses

-The internet is a self-perpetuating meme of communication and information against the ideological machine of capitalism, and the mythos of state money. This truth-bearing vehicle of the internet undermines the state through truth, with bitcoin does the same for economics. The core of these values are anarchist in their nature and function.

Part II