Part III: Politics

Bitcoin is Political

-Bitcoin by the very nature of what it is makes it political in every facet.

Bitcoin is Not About Money

-The power of bitcoin is economic independence and building an economic vanguard

Revolutionary Syndicalism of Bitcoin

-A brief history of anarcho-sydicalism and its relationship to bitcoin

The Reappropriation of Our Economic System

-Using bitcoin for non-violent direct economic action

Bitcoin, Economic Resistance, and Justice

-We can use bitcoin for solidarity, boycotting the monetary system, and create a new and meaningful system of justice through digital currencies.

Financial Insurrection

-Debt refusal, boycotts, and ultimately insurrection against the economic system through using digital currencies.

Capital Exit, Capital Strike

-How we can create a campaign of debt refusal and build a new economy with bitcoin outside of the hand of bankers and the state.

Bitcoin’s People Problem

-People are too stupid for bitcoin, and we need to build a system without and outside of them. This is why I am an anarchist.

Class Consciousness of The Digital Age

-The inevitability of the internet to take over society because of the global unity that it creates. This is the proletariat in the deepest sense of the word, as the internet could only exists through the deep exploitation of capitalism that has shaped the world today.

The Revolutionary Vanguard of The Digital Age

-Using the organizational tactics Lenin laid out in his essay, “What Must Be Done” we can use these same tactics in the creation of a Revolutionary Vanguard for The Digital Age.

What Is To Be Done

-What we must do if we are to save our world from the depravity and horrors that have been set upon us. If we can create a new digital collective that is committed to creating radical political change using the internet and digital currencies, we will find the bases of power for a new society, and how we can free the world from the totalitarian statism that has infected everything.