Bitcoin is Not About Money

It’s about power

Bitcoiners are part of a new political, economic, and social class. At the core of our tenets is the recognition that bitcoin and digital currencies are powers in themselves, and that they cannot be restricted by the despotic tyranny of States, or their capitalist allies in banking. We are not united by our creed, nationality, or gender, but by our economic objectives and the advancement of our technology. We are the ones that shall force the fiat banks towards their death, and we are the ones that shall make the State capitulate on its monopoly on legal tender and the mode of exchange. It is time for the youth of this world to rise and take their rightful place in history by striking down the awful corrupt governments of the past that have sold us out. No longer do we need to remain subservient to this system of exploitation and alienation. 

The Digital Vanguard

There is nothing that ties any of us together–no names, no identities, no bodies–just Bits of data being sent across the Great Commons of the Internet. Together we have created a multi-billion dollar economy from nothing just five years ago. Those who hodl bitcoin are far past the point of doubting the success of bitcoin–we know bitcoin will be successful. We see its power, we see its efficiency, and we see the world that we are to create with it–and governments of the world and their corrupt allies are not part of it.

We are the Vanguard of bitcoin. We are the ones who shall fight the Goliath of Finance and the Leviathan of the State and watch them fall from the pedestal of human they mounted themselves upon. We shall watch them fall, we shall watch them burn, and we will do nothing but stoke the flames. We will do simply laugh and walk away, disengaging them and continuing to build the new economy that is based upon the values and virtues that has been put into the code.

Over the last few years we have poured our hearts, minds, souls, and fortunes into this project. We have made the market, built the applications, and connected the nodes, and militantly worked on security to ensure our success.

Indeed, detractors will do everything they can to discourage us. Even in that very word, we can see their cowardice; to dis-courage. They lack courage; and are spineless, sniveling, fear-dominated people who couldn’t fight anyways. They only see a world of 9-to-5 enslavement as a favor that we should be grateful for. These people cowtow under the unjust laws of their masters; for anything their masters choose, for them becomes law and justice. We refuse to bend our necks to these men: we know the crime against humanity they have purported, and we shall resist them.

Together, united in the cause of building a better money, we shall also build a better world. We have made ourselves nearly invulnerable to the malice of the state, and rage of the banks though ensuring our Privacy. We know from the code that Privacy is our immutable Law; for privacy is what assures us not only our safety, but our equality in dialog as well. We know nothing of the other parties that participate with us, except for the Solidarity we have with one another. Together we are building an economy that is based upon fairness, equality, and individual sovereignty–and we are not asking for permission to do this.

To Build a Free World

We are the ones that have ensured the success of bitcoin, and we have been and shall continue to be rewarded kindly for such loyalty. No one came to us and said, “You need to invest and support this,” In fact, many of us were mocked and called fools for ever believe in it. But onward and upwards we went, making the long journey from the obscure origins of bitcoin to the multi-billion dollar economy it is today. No one told us we would make 5, 10, or 20 times what we originally invested–we did that.

Famous vulgar philosophers, politicians, investors, economist, and journalist from all around the world have insisted that bitcoin would be nothing. They said it couldn’t be a currency, and that it was only used by drug-dealers and pedophiles. Every single step of the way they laughed at us, mocked us, and insulted us…and yet we are still here, growing, building, and pulling more and more into our sphere of influence, and away from theirs with each passing day. So quietly and seditiously, people are coming to understand the nature of money, and realizing that the banks, and the state are using that to keep them oppressed, and divided from our true political goal:


True, unadulterated, messy, complex, Freedom.

Freedom that cannot be suffocated because of the fears of pathetic men who need to terrorize us into compromising this most sacred of rights. Freedom that cannot be taken at the whims of the states, or the cries from banks.

Freedom–despite being so thoroughly abused, manipulated, and contorted by men of power for nefarious deeds–is a word that still has meaning. Words will always seek to give themselves means for what they are and what they represent. The word ‘freedom’ will always sound hollow coming from the mouths of oppressors to justify their despotism, which will also make present the need and demand for what ‘freedom’ truly means.

Tragically, we were birthed into a world where the fascist won long ago, and created a sophisticated oppressive apparatuses of nightmares to terrorize us into giving more and more power to the state, and their allies. This manufactured terrorism from our masters has allow for us as a people–fearful, and trembling–to sacrifice our essential liberties, bastardizing our sacred constitutional rights, proving their worthlessness without the force of men, and the will to protect it behind them.

Bitcoin is not about money

It has never been about money, it’s about freedom and what that means for our society today. As we descend into the panopticon the state is erecting at this very time, preparing the gulags in the deserts, and military control of these states, we declare that we shall not go quietly into that dark night. We declare that a government that is marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. Together we are building the mode of resistance that shall cause for the empire of paper to collapse, which will free everyone from the shackles of debt, and the chains of domination.

We shall no longer be force and intimidate us into playing by the corrupt and hollow laws of the state. We see the men of government, banking, and capitalism for the criminals they are, and for the damage they have done to us. We see how they have betrayed their oath, their nation, and their honor. Their words, and their threats are meaningless to us. We are building a better world that they are not a part of, nor will they be allowed to be a part of. We no longer need them.

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The Revolution is Here

Renzo Novatore Arcola

“History, materialism, monism, positivism, and all the “isms” of this world are old and rusty tools which I don’t need or mind anymore. My principle is life, my end is death. I wish to live my life intensely for to embrace my life tragically.

You are waiting for the revolution? My own began a long time ago! When you will be ready (God, what an endless wait!) I won’t mind going along with you for awhile. But when you’ll stop, I shall continue on my insane and triumphal way toward the great and sublime conquest of the nothing! Any society that you build will have its limits. And outside the limits of any society the unruly and heroic tramps will wander, with their wild & virgin thoughts–they who cannot live without planning ever new and dreadful outbursts of rebellion!

I shall be among them!

And after me, as before me, there will be those saying to their fellows: “So turn to yourselves rather than to your Gods or Politicians. Find what hides in yourselves; bring it to light; show yourselves!”

Because every person; who, searching his own inwardness, extracts what was mysteriously hidden therein; is a shadow eclipsing any form of society which can exist under the sun! All societies tremble when the scornful aristocracy of the tramps, the inaccessibles, the uniques, the rulers over the ideal, and the conquerors of the nothing resolutely advances.

So, come on iconoclasts, forward!

“Already the foreboding sky grows dark and silent!”

–Renzo Novatore Arcola, January, 1920

Renzo was a self-taught anarchist, who helped fight the fascist in Italy during the 1920s–he did this on his own terms as a man, not some apparatus of the state. You can find more of his work and poetry in “Toward the Creative Nothing.”  What I find beautiful about his work is the hope and enthusiasm that he eposes about the permanent struggle against society. His writings seize on the core struggle to have sovereignty over one’s life, insisting that we are not to be owned by anyone other than ourselves, and that we must manifest that for ourselves in the world. You can feel Nitcheze’s influence bleed through his writing, demanding us to will to power ourselves to infinity. Through demanding that no one own our ideals, morals, or dictate to us what is right or wrong; insisting that that world we live in is the one of our choice.

Renzo understood that the revolution was something to be demanded, manifested, and taken for oneself. If you want to be free–Free in the truest, greatest, and deepest sense of the word


“Anarchy is not a social form, but a method of individuation. No society will concede to me more than a limited freedom and a well-being that it grants to each of its members. But I am not content with this and want more. I want all that I have the power to conquer. Every society seeks to confine me to the august limits of the permitted and the prohibited . But I do not acknowledge these limits, for nothing is forbidden and all is permitted to those who have the force and the valor.

Consequently, anarchy, which is the natural liberty of the individual freed from the odious yoke of spiritual and material rulers, is not the construction of a new and suffocating society.’ It is a decisive fight against all societies — christian, democratic, socialist, communist, etc., etc. Anarchism is the eternal struggle of a small minority of aristocratic outsiders against all societies which follow one another on the stage of history.”

Anarchism seeks to display and oppose all relationships of power; from the overt and open forms of power; to the most hidden and sinister ones too. This is the philosophy of liberty; for freedom needs to protect no one, nor can it exist under conditions where anyone is exploited. Anarchist understand that liberty is not just a party slogan of vacuous feelings; it is a philosophical maxim and a categorical imperative from upon which a better world can be advanced.

However, the demand for freedom is something that each and every individual needs to discover for themselves–you must seek to be free from the dark of the cave for yourself.

There must come a time in one’s life where the choice is made to reject toiling under the yoke of another man’s plow. One needs to look in the mirror and demand that their life is no longer going to be dictated by others for any reason other than choices of their own. To own one’s body and mind wholly; to own oneself entirely is the philosophical praxis of anarchism, and the path towards a better world.

Bitcoin and Crypto-Anarchy

I explained in a previous post that bitcoin and the internet are ideological apparatuses that are explicitly anti-statist, and anti-capitalist. Within both the internet and bitcoin are modes to liberate oneself from the despondence of the drudgery of capitalism. If one can take the time, effort, and energy to learn how to use these technologies, one can fully break their relationship to the wholly exploitive system of capitalism facilitated by the state. One must seek this out for themselves; they must crave escaping from the doldrum, gray, passionless existence of the society of safety.

This is the real revolution. This is it.

The slow and precipitous change where people discovered on their own accord that they have the power to walk away from this awful and abusive system of exploitation, debt slavery, and materialist mania. Through educating oneself and critically analyzing the concepts of value, freedom of exchange, liberty, cryptography, and capitalism; one will freely come to the conclusions they need to.

I assure you that the yoke I bare is light, and it would be a joy for you to share in the wealth it will provide for all. My work, my labor, and my money is my own, as yours would be yours. But that is the choice that I made, in refusal of what they offered me, and you are free to do the same.

It may not be easy, nor may it not come without a price;

but such is the cost to not live on one’s knees.

Those who cannot see the vision we have, nor welcome it–that is their own business. Our technology is better, the money is more sound, and in the long-run this will prove itself. In the mean while the small, hollow men of yesteryear will gaze upon their twilight with the fervent belief it is dawn. We will simply smile, and welcome them into their night, for it shall be our dawn.

So Iconoclasts, Forward!