Theory of Digital Currencies

It is obvious to me and many of my peers that contemporary models of economics simply do not apply to the brave new world that we are entering into.  With the advent non-state currencies that are based upon decentralized, federated protocols that are guaranteed by cryptography, math, and privacy, we need a new economic paradigm to move forward. In this blog I will attempt to build a theory of digital currencies that can explain their functions and rise within a global economic system of state-based currencies.

Ultimately, it is my hope to thoroughly explain on a economic level the failures of state-based currencies, and the solutions that digital currencies offer. It is also my hope to start a philosophical dialog about economic liberty, what it means in the world of today, and what sort of moral, ethical, and societal expectation come with economic freedom. It is my hope that this will help explain the horrible distorting mechanism of state involvement in economies that entirely destroys the concept of a free market and replaces it with some notion of national socialism.

Please feel free to leave respectful comments and critiques on any theory that I may present in this blog.

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