Principles of Syndicalism

The Principles of Syndicalism offer us an outline for how we can reorganize our communities digitally in the form of digital syndicates. I encourage you to skim through this to gain a deeper understand of how we would reorganize our society once the state is defeated.

Principles of Syndicalism by Tom BrownAuthor: Tom Brown  |  File size: 321 KB

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Written by the well-known activist and propagandist Tom Brown, this text explains clearly the principles according to which syndicalist unions organise, and the new society they aim to create “within the shell of the old”.

This simple introduction to syndicalism, workers control and libertarian communism originally appeared as a series of articles in War Commentary for Anarchism in 1943. Excerpted from Tom Brown’s Syndicalism, Phoenix Press, London, July 1990.
This text from:Anarcho-Syndicalism 101

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